Undress the blends with Kusmi Tea

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First article on my website. How to begin?

Well, I wanted to share with you a new commercial campaign that came out in January in France. Kusmi Tea is a really well known Tea House which was created in 1867. They have been creating since then their blends and delivering the best of colors in premium Teas.

For their first TV commercial campaign, called « La Beauté des Mélanges » displayed in France on various channels (TF1, Canal+, BFM et iTélé) and in theaters, they did an incredible job full of poesy and creativity.


For this campaign Kusmi Tea asked the agency Quai des Orfèvres to take on the challenge and design this campaign with 3 short commercials featuring their well known blends: Prince Wladmir, Sweet Love & BB Detox. Kusmi Tea has always had a strong visual identity with loads of colors and creative packagings, today, Kusmi Tea reinforces its brand image with sensuality and beauty.


In each one of these short movies, we find two characters swimming together in an apartment filled with water. Attracting and seducing the other, they finally end up unifying. With this sweet poesy, Kusmi Tea offers a wonderful show which highlights the blends and the marriage of the perfect flavors. 

Following the 3 short movies, enjoy!

Prince Wladimir 

 Sweet Love

BB Detox

And to conclude, let’s see the nice making-of that was made by Kusmi Tea(in French only):

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  1. ahah j’adore
    je me l’étais mis de coté pour le lire 🙂
    kusmi tea c’est génial comme marque et leurs pubs ben elles sont juste au top !!

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