Dream big with Bob Burnquist

Long time no see…

I’m checking in again with a short article about a really nice project I came through few days ago. It’s a mix between, design, architecture, beauty, nature and sports.

#dreambig is a motto for this project.  Let’s get more into the story together.

Bob Burnsquit is a Brazilian professional skateboarder that made history when he realized the 5th 900. The idea for this project was part of the campaign « dream big ». Burnsquit is a crazy skateboarder but more than that, he skates  on every possible pipes .. Fullpipes, crazy Megaramps with hips, and, oh yeah, helicopters. Burnquist’s latest invention is a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Visit California recruited Burnquist to take on the project as part of its « Dream Big » campaign. Master rampbuilder Jeff King and his team spent 300 man hours and used 1,250 screws to create the 7,300-pound ramp.





Let’s see the video of the project.

What do you think ?

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