Soul mates by Axe


A new ad by Axe.

A commercial tracing a young man’s efforts to connect with a woman through history. Beginning with an ice age scene reminiscent of Jon Snow’s appearance in Game of Thrones, the ad follows his perilous quest through scenes from Pompeii, a sultan’s court, the Wild West, the RMS Titanic, World War II, a Vietnam war protest. Finally boy meets girl in a gas station, just in time to miss a new disaster.

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The big Leap

Lacoste new ad is a perfect metaphor.  » Life is a beautiful Sport  » is the new motto for the  campaign featuring two models: Paul Hamy et Anna Brewster. This campaign was created by BETC agency and realized by Seb Edward.

With this new video, Lacoste takes us in the mist of love feelings. This short video illustrates love feelings similar to sport feelings, because in both cases, it’s all about courage and persistence to make the big leap.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Beautiful & multicultural America



« There are really few brands that could sound more global and more American than Coca Cola. Its red-and-white label and glass curves are a universal symbol. Like the sugary stuff or hate it, its ad has long been about a certain ideal–the idea that people are many and one, united by simple things like a smile, a song, and a Coke. Coca Cola’s entry into the Super Bowl ad campaign had a message that was, as it were, Coke Classic: it celebrated the many kinds, colors, lifestyles and origins of Americans who are nonetheless one. Over a scene of these many Americans, it played a patriotic song: not the National Anthem, but the more accessible, singable “America the Beautiful.” It showed us a panoply of American faces, young, old, brown, white, straight, gay (it included what are said to be the first gay parents depicted in a Super Bowl ad), in cowboy hats and hijabs, playing, eating, and exploring all-American vistas. » (Source: Times)

I thought that this extract from the Times was perfect, I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t have wrote any better.

What did you think of Coke’s « America the Beautiful » commercial?