Best French Ads

Llllitl is a French Blog focusing on ads and the most creative operational marketing campaigns. They offer a really nice content about these topics and are always ready to reveal fantastic marketing events. That being said, today I wanted to show you  about the 7 Best French Ads for last week.  Actually, I picked up 3 ads that I preferred but you are free to check out their ranking on the link up there.

1- What did you do expect ? 

The new ad by Schweppes and the 2 new prints featuring the beautiful Penelope 🙂 Pleasure for the eyes.

schweppes-penelope-cruz-publicité-marketing-ads-prints-what-did-you-expect-fred-farid-2 schweppes-penelope-cruz-publicité-marketing-ads-prints-what-did-you-expect-fred-farid-1


2- Actimel « he forgot to take his Actimel »

3- Evian: New campaign! Fun and young as always!

Which one did you prefer ? Feel free to comment.

Stay tuned!