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Last time, If you saw my post, you probably understood that I really loved this new commercial from Kusmi Tea, full of poesy and truth. Today, I’m introducing a new one that I recently saw on TV. This commercial is coming from the brand Carte Noire, a coffee brand owned by Mondelēz International.

Intense Commercial. Explosive, fast, efficient.


The Story

Carte Noire reveals, with this new commercial, the origin of its coffee and presents Carte Noire roasting, in its new ad called « Feu & Glace » (Fire & Ice). A magnificent metaphor of the coffee roasting process. As we know, ice extinguishes fire, as a consequence, a cold shower instantly stops the roasting to catch the best of coffee flavors &  taste.

In this new short movie made by BETC agency, a short action movie, intense and progressive; two worlds are struggling, Ice VS Fire.
A spectacular show is offered between dance and real action until the final scene when the two elements meet and create the Carte Noire coffee grain.

The movie 

Please enjoy this new ad right here and tell me what you think.


An elegant print campaign is coming along the movie, demonstrating once again that the meeting between those two elements creates the perfect  coffee grain and this incredible taste.




Recently, I also read that Carte Noire was getting even more innovative with this new Transmedia Campaign in partnership with Microsoft. The idea behind it: around an interactive game, Carte Noire will display its brand new campaign on all the numeric screens.

Since yesterday, Xbox, MSN and Skype users are able to discover on their screens, in responsive design, the new Carte Noire Game. Obviously, delivering the same message and codes than in the ad, this game was specially developed to work with Kinect & tactil platforms.

Please discover the short demonstration in the following video.


Extra !

Looking for even more information on this brand new ad, I found myself on Carte Noire Facebook Page.. Oh Social Media you are so strong.

What I found is really interesting in terms of Communication & Marketing. I’ll let you discover how.

Those 2 pictures were posted on Carte Noire FB page. Could you tell me to which event they were referring ?

1499571_604999909568605_222092834_n                Happy OG

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