Amazon on top of the world

Do you remember the buzz around the new delivery system made in 30 minutes by Amazon ? The now famous « Amazon Prime Air »?

It was in december last year,  right before the shopping madness that was to occur before Christmas. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos revealed with a video what could be the next delivery system with drones. Let’s take a look !

Big communication tool or real project, « Amazon Prime Air » has made international headlines, since december. According to Mr Bezos, this system could be operational in 4 to 5 years. There are obviously some technical problems with this new technology and according to some journalists, this new technology doesn’t exist yet.

A drone should be able to deliver product thanks to geopositioning, but how will it be able to find the recipient ? Which process should it follow to transfer the product? How to avoid that somebody else catch the product on its way ? What about the neighbor knocking down the drone with his gun? And those small details are nothing compared to the legal problems that will be encountered while using drones to deliver. Currently, the use of such drones with a commercial aim is totally forbidden in the USA. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the organism that regulates those objects forecasts  a new legal frame by 2015.


 Many questions are still to be asked, but I have to say that I believe, this will happen soon or later.

Meanwhile, delivering by drones or not, Amazon is on its way to win the book battle in France.  According to Xerfi Agency, the e-commerce giant will become the first bookseller by 2017, defeating big French companies such as Fnac ( 600 million turnover) and E.Leclerc.

What are your forecast ? Let us know.

Stay tuned!




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